Doctor of Public Health (Dr. P.H.): Thai and International Programs: 3 Years

Competencies of the Program:

The program aims to produce public health leaders with high competency in the identification of health system problems and their complex interrelationships with social, cultural, economic, and environmental contexts.

Graduates will be able to use evidence-based approaches to initiate new health policy, as well as research and innovation to improve health system management at the local, regional and nationwide levels.

The program focuses on fostering a student’s ability to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative health research; to gain new knowledge and skills in solving health problems; and to practice professionalism, especially in the context of an integrated health service system that values with high morals and ethics.  

Program Structure

There are two program curriculum types.

Type 1.1- Research without coursework, consisting of 48 credits of dissertation;

Type 2.1- Research with coursework, consisting of 12 credits of coursework and 36 credits of dissertation  


Type 1

Type 2

Core Courses



Elective  Course



Seminar Courses

4 (audit)

4 (audit)




Total Credit



The applicants

Type 1.1-the applicant must have a grade point average of 3.50 or above. Additionally the applicant must have experience in a public health profession and have extensive experience in health science research. Further, the applicant may have published articles in peer reviewed journals, or have an outstanding recordof services or research related to public health.

Type 2.1-the applicant must have at least 6 credit hours of the bachelor or master level subject related to the principles of public health or community health, epidemiology, community medicine, or other equivalent subjects.

Core courses

  • Advanced Biostatistics and Health Research Methodology
  • Advanced Health Concepts and Applications
  • Advanced Health Service System Management and Application
  • Doctoral Seminar in Public Health 1
  • Doctoral Seminar in Public Health 2
  • Doctoral Seminar in Evidence-based Health Practices

Example of elective courses

  • Economic Evaluation for Health Services Research
  • Applied Health Literacy
  • Sustainable Environmental Management
  • Global Nutrition Management
  • Advanced Health Promotion strategy


Application Fee 

1,200 Baht    
Tuition Fee  65,000 Baht per semester
International Student Fee 15,000 Baht per semester
QE Examination  1,500 Baht 
Defense Examination  3,000 Baht
Medical Insurance depend on the age of applicant