• The Khon Kaen University networking system has been developed to accommodate the students and personnel as well as the operations and services of various faculties and organizations.
  • A network using fiber-optic technology has been developed with cooperation between Khon Kaen University and the faculty to system within, and among the buildings.
  • A wireless system managed by the Computer Center comprised of seven access points, cover all of the faculty’s buildings.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) has been employed to provide faculty members the ability to create teaching media available to the students to retrieve course contents via the website of the university’s Office of Teaching Innovations.
  • The Management Information System (MIS)of Khon Kaen University provides services to faculties to facilitate planning and budgeting, personnel management, registration and evaluation, and research databases.
  • A closed-circuit television system has been installed with eleven cameras at 11 points to enhance the safety of students and personnel.
  • The Information Box and the Information Broadcasting Project disseminates news and activities of the faculty via a public broadcasting system with a monitoring screen. 
  • The E-Office system has been employed for sending and receiving memoranda and other documents within the Faculty to reduce the use of paper.
  • The PH-MIS system is utilized by personnel of all departments and sections to compile and analyze information for decision making in planning, and personnel evaluation.